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From the cellular retail store level to MVNOs, VTG Mobile provides it all.

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VTG Mobile is a full service Telecom Company that provides a full range of services. Beginning in 2009 with its industry leading Voice Over Internet Protocol, the company recognized the revolution in Telecom that was to be the new “Gold Rush” of the 21st century. Switching over to the Wireless arena, the company quickly became one of the nations leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators (“MVNOs”) that purchases carrier service from the four major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and wireless resells plans to the prepaid cellular end-user under their own brand.

The company hit its timing just right and is now one of the nations fastest growing MVNOs. Now positioned with its own carrier integration platform, CRM, billing, channel distribution and support systems, the company has expanded to offer its service to enable any business to take advantage of this highly profitable industry. Whether your are a non-profit looking to develop a new revenue stream, an independent retail store looking for the most profitable services; VTG Mobile can help you succeed.

Our Product Division

Jaguar Mobile

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Jaguar Mobile has changed everything in wireless and is on pace to be one of the top MVNO’s in the history of wireless.

Jaguar Mobile service is customized for those whose wireless needs are not currently being met— Jaguar Mobile gives you no credit checks, no contracts, plans from $14.99-$69.99 and the same great service on the same nationwide networks that retail users are accustomed to. Jaguar Mobile provides unlimited talking plans, international text and data service, backed by a major nationwide network with expansive coverage; delivering everything a consumer would want at an unbelievably low price. Users can bring their own phone or buy one online or from one of our retail locations. Business people can even choose to start their own wireless business by offering these plans through U-Callit Wireless, make monthly income and residuals, and great free service while doing so.

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Armed Forces Cellular

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Armed Forces Cellular is a unique MVNO offering wireless services to the armed forces niche.

There are several cellphone plan providers but no current competitors that cater exclusively to the armed forces niche. In comparison to the other key industry players, Armed Forces Wireless, LLC, offers a greater complement of products and services that make it a truly one-stop shop for wireless service lines. Armed Forces Wireless, LLC, also understands that pride and support for your country and those that serve is also a major motivating force to be capitalized on.

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VTG Wireless

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VTG Wireless provides the nations most premier Products and Services over America’s best network for performance. VTG Wireless offers access to this strong network with customer service previously unavailable.

Wireless dealers have been looking for change and VTG Wireless offers them the opportunity. Have VTG Wireless in the lineup of products and services offered, VTG Mobile truly has a one-stop shop for all your cellular needs.

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Jag Call is a high-quality prepaid international calling service you can use with any phone. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and it works automatically with your current phone service. Save up to 95% off traditional long distance plans.

To learn more about JagCall, click HERE

Our Marketing Divisions

VTG Mobile

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VTG Mobile is a highly respected in-house Master Agent Distributor for VoIP Tech Global and all of its product and service divisions. Controlling both marketing distribution and carrier services ensures that independent retailers receive what they are promised and that customer service is above reproach.

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U-Call-it Wireless

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Would you like to start your own mobile phone business?

Do you have a non-profit with failing revenues? Do you have a service organization with a client base that untapped for a revenue stream?

U-Call-it Wireless allows you to create a revenue stream without having to know all about the cellular industry. Whether you just know how to market, or just want to have a cellular service co-branded with your organizations name.

U-Call-it Wireless is powered by Jaguar Mobile and provides cellular service at price well below what the public normally pays for the post-paid contract service. But the best part of that is that there is still room to provide revenues for your business, service organization or non-profit. A member bases is often excited to learn that they can support their beloved organization monthly while saving money on service they are currently buying throughout the year. Talk about a win/win situation.

There is nothing more for you to do than to market your co-branded wireless service. It is a tested, proven, and highly integrated, Co-branded Wireless Company and you get to pick the name. If you are a marketing guru, U-Call-it Wireless allows you to move from concept to operations with unprecedented speed. We have the ability to work with your brand, distribution, and content strengths through our flexible technology and service platform.
Need more information? Access U-Call-it Wireless

Soon To Be Launched Divisions

iFly Wireless.

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VTG Mobile has secured amazing contracts for international wireless service in over 140 countries through out the world. The result is a new division named iFly-wireless which provides prepaid, no-credit-check wireless service around the world.

With pricing below what is readily available, business travelers, travel agents, and those who travel the world now how a great SIM base service that enables them to utilize a two SIM card phone or to switch SIM cards when traveling abroad. The service does fully operate in the United States on the large network of a Major US Cellular Carrier.

To learn more about iFly Wireless click HERE

PayCoin Wireless

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Have you joined the world of digital currency? Have You Ever Even Heard of BitCoin?

Are you a coin enthusiast that likes to spend your BitCoins for all of your products and Services? PayCoin Wireless provides top quality prepaid wireless service that can be paid by BitCoin. Use the Power of your digital currency today and everyday. Better yet, PayCoin will reimburse 5% of your total wireless bill to a local marketing group to help spread the word about the wonders of Bitcoin. Now you can be part of the revolution to inform others of this powerful currency.

Need more information? Visit Paycoin Wireless HERE

Private Label Wireless

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Would you like to start your own mobile phone business?

Looking for a white label solution? Private Label Wireless provides companies with access to global wireless networks, telecom billing software, and the infrastructure to create your own wireless brand. Our solution provides the means for major brands, service bundlers, content providers, and other firms to offer wireless services without owning network infrastructure, wireless systems, or operational infrastructure. Tested, proven, and highly integrated, Private Label Wireless Company allows you to move from concept to operations with unprecedented speed. We have the ability to work with your brand, distribution, and content strengths through our flexible technology and service platform.

Need more information? Access Private Label Wireless HERE

Cell-U-Link Wireless.

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VTG Mobile has a mission statement that looks to empower individuals to start their own business and rebuild America despite the economic downturn.

The company is looking to employ Gamification Techniques to enable individuals to easily capitalize on the wireless industry by building their own direct marketing network. Unlike other direct marketing programs, the company seeks to employ new business concepts that do not require afterwork meetings or weekend events. It is a whole new method to link people together to capitalize on the "Modern Day Gold Rush" called cellular.

To learn more about a new world in direct marketing click HERE